Create your own 3D original Coat of Arms.  The kit comes printed on high quality 90 lb card stock with instructions, peel and stick foam spacers to provide dimension, and a silver/clear embellishment packet.  Use your own markers or paint to color in the pages for a custom piece of art. This kit comes with extra "extras" to personalize your Coat of Arms.  Add extra embellishments using personal items, costume jewelry, or add an additional embellishment kit in the color of your choice.  The finished kit is 8 x 10 inches and suitable for framing.

Coat of Arms Kit

  • The Coat of Arms complete with multiple graphics and two sets of Celtic inspired lettering fonts.  Both images shown were created using the same kit.  (Each completed Coat of Arms is made from one kit.) An original Coat of Arms can be created to your personal specifications.  Contact Jenny at to discuss details and costs.