just a colorful girl

in a black and white world

The Cockeyed Colorist


With a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a master’s degree in curriculum, Jenny Medlock has spent more than two decades teaching in public schools in Tennessee, Nevada, and Arizona. Although interested in design at an early age, life took her in different directions, and only in the last few years has she turned to line and color as a creative outlet. Mindful of the many artists who fully realized their creativity after five or more decades of life and thought, she continues to pursue her artistic journey.



Jenny lives in Queen Creek, Arizona, with her husband, Jeff, and six cats. As an educator by day and artist by night, she strives to leave the world a little better (and a little more colorful) than she found it. Her goal is to make people smile through whimsical interpretations of familiar people, places, and things. She is a teacher, writer, and artist in pursuit of a life well-lived, a family well-loved, and creativity well-tended.

Jenny Medlock
The Cockeyed Colorist
Jenny is the (not so) evil genius behind a diabolical plot to save the world with art that makes people smile whether they want to or not.
Jeff is the organization’s Yes Man, as in “Yes, I know you can do it!” and “Yes, I’m here to help!” His jack-of-all-trades role keeps the machinery moving forward.
Queen Georgina
Chaircat of the Board
Georgie prefers the laissez faire approach to business and a do-it-now approach to dinner.  She is often nowhere to be found until the treat jar is shaken or the can is opened.
Cat Encouragement Officer
Banditiliumptious brings incentive toys to the workers and makes sure everyone knows when it's time to quit for dinner.
Stanzilicious Pouffy Pants
Efficiency Expert
Stanzilicious Pouffy Pants calls the staff to the basement to work every day and provides periodic petting breaks to her servants. 
Chief Fool and Art Critic
Licorice sees himself as a feline Jackson Pollack working in cat spit instead of gloss enamel.  His commentary and frequent purrs keep the artist on track. 
PaddiPaws Pushbutton
PaddiPaws serves as an assistant to Stanzilicious Pouffy Pants, who takes great pleasure in ordering her about and sending her for catnip and treats. 
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